Springtime on Lake Chickamauga consists of two main phases. The first is prespawn where we will target staging areas and grass flats with rattlin vibes, chatterbaits, and giant swimbaits. The second phase is the spawn when the fish move up to shallow cover. This time of year consists of finesse tactics and sight fishing techniques to trick giant Chickamauga bass into biting. 


(Late May-August)

Summer on Lake Chickamauga is the time of year to learn how to ledge fish and how to read electronics. This is a great time of year to catch numbers of quality bass. When the fish first move to the ledges, lures like deep crankbaits, swimbaits, football jigs, hair jigs, big worms, spoons, drop shots, and neko rigs all produce. As the summer wears on, a lot of fish move to submerged hydrilla where we will catch them fishing grass edges with soft plastics and over grass patches with topwater. 



Grass, Grass, and more Grass! Fall on Lake Chickamauga is all about fishing the hydrilla and knowing what to look for. Early fall consists of topwater, chatterbaits and soft plastics on the edge of grass. As the bass move in the grass, techniques like punching and frogging excel. The fall can be a tough time of year at times, but I will show you techniques that are guaranteed to put fish in the boat on the toughest days. This is also the time of year to get your frog fishing fix! Heart-pounding explosions will make a trip to Lake Chickamauga unforgettable. 



Winter on Lake Chickamauga is one of the best times of year to target trophy caliber fish. Fish are at their heaviest weights of the year and the colder it is, the better it is. This time of year is all about finding the bait and knowing how to approach those areas with shad imitating tactics. The top lures this time of year are alabama rigs, swimbaits, jerkbaits, rattlin vibes, and medium diving crankbaits.